ziproxy & privoxy aka fasten your seatbelts

hackfest is mainly for sharing opensource ideas. One of this was suggested to me by comzeradd. He told me that he is using ziproxy to compress data through his phone (story here android-ziproxy).

So i am using ziproxy from October 2010, to compress all my internet traffic.

Another proxy i am using (mostly for the chain forward ability) is privoxy. Privoxy can forward traffic through another proxy (http or a socks) but has filtering features too. Privoxy can block ads & flash on the spot. It is a well known opensource proxy to system administrators too, who they use it to bypass firewalls or dmz or complex networks.

I believe that everyone who respect his self has No Script, Ad Block Plus with kargig’s filter Greek Ad Block Plus Filter and Flash Block enabled on his/her browser.

All the above add-ons block Js, Flash & Ads on client browser. That means that already you have download them.

If you need to reduce http traffic the solution is to combine ziproxy and privoxy!

By the way, it’s extremely easy, so you should give it a try.

You simple install privoxy and run it locally and then open ziproxy.conf to add these:


Run ziproxy as normal and voila !

Some benchmarks to show you the truth:

wget -d -p www.otenet.gr/otenet/ –no-proxy –no-cache

No Proxy:

Downloaded: 73 files, 718K


Downloaded: 73 files, 479K

Ziproxy - Privoxy:

Downloaded: 70 files, 475K

Another on:
wget -d -p http://www.villagecinemas.gr/

No Proxy:

Downloaded: 92 files, 1,1M


Downloaded: 92 files, 527K

Ziproxy - Privoxy:

Downloaded: 80 files, 160K

  1. Avatar di Javier Gonel Javier Gonel

    Sunday, January 16, 2011 - 11:31:06

    Just to add a note: You still need to download most of the stuff.

    If you do it on localhost for localhost (on your computer for your computer), ziproxy will add nothing (privoxy is what you need).

    The mobile phone scenario makes more sense. Where you put your proxies somewhere else. Then you get you data plan to last longer and you enjoy clean browsing :)

  2. Avatar di comzeradd comzeradd

    Monday, January 17, 2011 - 12:26:16

    no-script? it’s fucking 2011 :P